Topless Baker

Self-taught baker Matt Adlard, also known as Topless Baker, has nearly half a million fans salivating over his ridiculous baking designs on Instagram. And despite what you might think - over 89% are there for the bakes not the buns.

He dreamed of one day winning Great British Bake Off, however - news to us - bakers who have been paid for their work cannot then secure a place on the show. Now you know.

After watching from the side lines for 8 years, Matt was desperate for a way in. His quirky and shirtless personality had attracted a community of ex-GBBO contestants, baking experts, and GBBO enthusiasts and in 2018 he decided to gather them together in an effort to quench his insatiable Bake Off thirst.

Matt launched the Bake Off Undressed podcast to accompany the series 9. Every Tuesday at 7:30pm he and a guest sat on the couch in the studio and watched / critiqued that weeks show. ,The we switched on the mics and recorded everything - everything - they had to say about the contestants, the techniques, and the Paul Hollywood handshake. The show was ready for download first thing every Wednesday morning, so fans never need wait too long for a post-show debrief.

Peppered with fascinating tit-bits, backstage gossip, and guilty pleasures, it remained an iTunes featured podcast for two weeks, racked up over 50,000 downloads in just six weeks and was featured in Podmas, The AV Club’s weekly podcast recommendations blog.

Bake Off Undressed is available on Acast and iTunes or wherever you usually find your podcasts - and watch out for Season Two. Which might have nothing to do with GBBO! (or, it might).

Katie Nelson